- rule #1: live true -

My work. Myself.

My work is part of who I am:

To help you speak, write, and be heard for who you are.

And I love what I do.

I believe that when you spend more than a third of your life in bed and at least a third working, you should own a good mattress and do work that you love.

And I have a fabulous mattress.

Like many people out there, I have struggled to find that “perfect fit” job. Instead I learned that when I infuse my work with my true self, the love follows.

I live authentically and compassionately. I find my voice and speak my truth (at times with some dry wine and even drier humor).

I want you (and everyone else) to live fully and work in sync with your strengths, passions, and interests.

Scroll down to find out more about my work.

Writing - Content and Copy
I love writing.


Finding the perfect organization to present what I’m saying. The exact words to express my thoughts. The precise turns of phrase to drive my point home.


And if writing were only about me, it’d be a cinch.


The challenge of effective writing is getting read. And that depends on connecting to the reader and understanding what they need—and are willing—to hear. But how do we do that without being face-to-face? Without asking them where they’re coming from?


This is what I love about developing copy and brand messaging for my clients.


I go deep to understand the real individuals behind that idealized target audience. I work to grasp their fears and their dreams, their challenges and their triumphs. I fuse aspiration with authenticity in a way that makes the reader feel understood.


I connect. I inform. I inspire.


Read my work.



Editing - Developmental and Copy
The first thing people ask me when I say I’m an editor is “Oh jeez, are you going to correct my English?” (My answer: “Are you hiring me? Then no. Let’s just be friends.”)


Editing is NOT: enforcing proper grammar no matter what.


Writing, first and foremost, is about saying something. And to be an author, you must be true to who you are—your authentic voice, temperament, and tone must all come through loud and clear. But what you’re saying must also be legible.


And this is why you need a good editor.


Your message and unique character should captivate your reader. . . so you don’t want them distracted by typos, misspellings, missing words, haphazardly (that is, not intentionally) incorrect grammar, repetition, and so on.


A good editor will provide just the right amount of polish to reflect your voice and amplify your message.


I will make sure your text is organized so your reader flows with your story and the progression of your thinking rather than feeling jarred back and forth, or confused because you left out key details or are repeating points, or bored by a text that just isn’t going anywhere. (Unless those feelings are what you’re trying to convey, in which case I will help you create a work that rattles, bewilders, and exhausts a reader in just the right way to keep them wanting more.)


I have edited over 250 books—academic, nonfiction, novels, memoirs, cookbooks, and more—and dozens of articles. I have experience at every stage of process, from helping shape nascent ideas through providing the final polish before publication.


Tell me how I can help you.

Communications & Outreach
A few years ago I began working with small businesses to develop and execute marketing and outreach strategies. I love collaborating with clients to outline their goals, resources, and capabilities and then create a plan that really moves the needle for their fledgling enterprise.


And in 2015 I became involved in grassroots political activism. I used my administrative, communications, and event planning experience to make a positive difference in my community, my state, and my country. Working with a rag-tag group of activists to change the world pushed me to combine my skills in new ways.


My approach to strategy became more creative. I redefined my concept of capacity. I discovered a new level of what might be possible.


What’s more, through this work—both with small businesses and political activism—I found another innate skill just waiting to be developed: leadership. I LOVE this work—helping people, invigorating my community, and being able to make a real impact for others.


clarifying audience identification and research (including conducting interviews)

building brand pillars and messaging

developing media and outreach plan

Communications and Content

flyers, brochures, pamphlets, event programs

websites, social media, email blasts, blogs, newsletters (capable with WordPress, NationBuilder, ActionNetwork, TweetDeck, Hootsuite)

press releases (including acting as organizational media contact), press kits, proposals

Events (from small-scale outreach events to multi-day conferences)

concepting and planning

creating press releases and event literature

arranging guest speakers, panels

managing food service and other vendors (equipment, AV, etc.)

coordinating partnerships with aligned organizations

building online promotion and registration/payment platforms

leading/moderating events

Management and Administration

coordinating volunteer networks for organized actions, such as petitioning, canvassing, and rallies

working as steering committee member and organization director to lead meetings, establish bylaws, craft our mission statement, and keep the group on course

managing leadership teams and working with outside contractors (graphic designers, printers, event vendors)