LIM College


telling a story beyond words

LIM College, a private school specializing in preparing students to work in the business of fashion, wanted printed work that better communicated their story and impact to potential students and to do so in a way that could be read quickly.

In response, we developed¬†copy that worked in sync with infographics to tell their story visually as much as through text and used numbers to emphasize impact. We wanted copy that spoke directly to creatively inclined young people, copy that was aspirational, hopeful, and imbued a sense of action and excitement about what’s possible, what’s next.

We also wanted to bring forward the diversity of voices of actual LIM students, alum, and faculty in order to give the material an edge of authenticity over the influx of recruiting materials many students receive as they prepare to apply for college.

The LIM College Viewbook won Gold at the New Capital Region Ad Club Addys.